Positive Displacement Pumps FL

The Fristam FL design ensures efficient transfer and effective product protection at high volumetric flow rates.

Fristam FL rotary lobe pumps feature a modern and innovative displacement body design. The shape of the Fristam FL lobes prevents the product from being
squeezed, and minimises the risk of damage.

All of the FL series’ pumps have a state-of-the-art system of low-slip lobes rotating free of contact in opposite directions, thus ensuring high efficiency even with low
viscosities or at high temperatures. The FL’s symmetric design allows for a reversal of the rotating direction, enabling the pump to transport materials in both
directions. Models 50–130 are designed for pumping horizontally as well as vertically, and allow for top, bottom or side mount. Various types of connection, such as
flange, clamp or thread, can be chosen freely. Along with the pumps’ bi-directional rotation, this ensures complete flexibility of installation. Because of their well-thought-
out construction principle, Fristam FL pumps are extremely easy to maintain.

Technical details
• 11 different sizes
• Discharge pressures up to 12 bar
• Flow rates up to 70 m3/h
• Viscosities up to 100,000 mPa s

Range of Application
Fristam FL pumps are especially suitable for operation with:
• homogeneous products
• low suction heads
• discharge pressures of up to 12 bar


Product details FL PDF

Product details FL 3 PDF (english)

Selected figures for FL model sizes